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A quick one today...
Just to show how simple is software management under Linux. This morning, during the first login on my Unbuntu 7.10 Desktop, it appeared that I had to update one of the installed software packages.
This was indeed the updated DST (BTW, we moved the clock forward this morning), as confirmed when I opened the notification:

After that, you just have to click "Install updates" and Synaptic will do the rest:

Close the window once finished...
Job done!
Did I mention you do not have to reboot? ; )

Is that not as easy as it can get?

PS: there will probably be more of this sort of Ubuntu-related topics since I'm very happy with my T43 Ubuntu Desktop... so if you're interested in Linux, open-source or just curious of how Ubuntu can run on an IBM Thinkpad, then watch this space...

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