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To keep on with the applications/tools I could not live without (see below for bootchart), here comes a quick post on conky.
Coming from a sysadmin background, I appreciate having a constant view on the OS metrics like CPU and memory usage, disk space left, etc... There are plenty of tools available out there to do that, but none as simple and as flexible as conky. I like it so much that it actually runs in the background of all my Linuxes (desktops as well as servers). My main usage is sysadmin-oriented, but there are plenty of other functionalities available, like displaying the weather forecasts, or interfacing with Amarok or Rhythmbox to show the details of the song currently playing, etc... the possibilities are infinite.

All you have have to do is create a ~/.conkry file in the user's home directory and have your your session manager start the conky deamon automatically. Below is a an exemple how of to do that for the Ubuntu Gnome desktop, with the resulting little panel on the bottom left of the destop:

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